Ritsch Riesling


„In the nose, the minerality of the soil is predominant, followed by fruity notes such as apple and a hint of mango. It invites you to take the first sip. Wow! We haven’t had this much rock in our mouths for a long time: endless slate and curiously, also distinct chalkiness. Minerality to chew on. Eat the Ritsch! The fresh acidity provides structure without being intrusive; the wine is pleasantly drinkable in the best sense and has a surprising length…“ (Captain cork.com.)

„The Thörnicher Ritsch is a very impressive vineyard. Both because of its imposing shape and its extremely steep orientation. Equally impressive is the wine it produces from Weingut Gebrüder Ludwig: Ritsch. Already at the first taste, it seduced me with its lightness, freshness, and minerality. Very playful, with delicate spice, and a wide range of aromas on the nose. Crisp in the mouth, yet rich and dense. The multitude of flavors of citrus, white fruit, and exoticism are evident here too. But amidst all this, it never loses its lightness. Just as a Mosel Riesling should be. The maturity from the old vines and the magnificent slate location contribute to a wonderful balance.“

(Philippe Schreiber, Weinhandlung Hardy, Berlin)“