Ritsch Riesling


The grand cru represents the new spearhead among dry top German wines. This wine comes from the single vineyard ‚im Speyer,‘ and is grown on the oldest vines of the winery (about 100 years old). Extreme minerality and length, very long finish, truly a ‚great growth.‘ Regional winner Mosel at the Berliner Lagencup 2020, Berlin Gold Medal, Gold Medal Asia Wine Awards 2020

A high-caliber representative of this great location. Grapes ripened on ancient vines result in a density and length that unfolds on the palate for minutes. Terroir and pure minerality are evident even on the nose, followed by subtle, wide-ranging fruitiness with smoky-spicy undertones. The longer the wine is in contact with oxygen, the better the pure aroma unfolds. The wine is only harvested in exceptional years.“